AI assistant for meetings
and conferences



Many companies have problems with language barriers, only 20% of the 7.5 billion people in the world speak English. Because of internationalization in business and global trade, it is necessary to understand each other well. Zoi aims to solve these problems with AI-based software that can translate live calls for subtitles, transcribes, save in text format, send to all attendees. Zoi removes the language barriers between companies in different countries. Since its launch 5 weeks ago, Zoi has already received more than 300 registrations with a conversion rate of 20%. Zoi is offered as SaaS software where the standard use is free, only when activating some functions, a paid variant is applicable. The purpose of this is to retrieve as much data as possible that is translated at a later time by means of AI into valuable information.

One of the distinguishing factors is the entrepreneurial team. Founder Nick Yap has won prizes in recent years and has made a name for himself as the founder of Travis the Translator, Rocki and A.C Ryan. The other founder, Kevin Oranje was product manager of DigiD and other projects in the Cybersecurity corner.

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Shopping as a Service
for children’s clothing



Shopping with children is very tiring and time-consuming for parents. It is a lot of hassle to find the right children’s clothing. Bundleboon offers parents a shopping service for personalized children’s clothing in a box, so that fitting room dramas belong to the past. In a unique visual way, parents can quickly pass on his or her preferences. A box is filled with two outfits and is composed by input from stylists but also an algorithm. With the help of a machine learning algorithm the outfit selection is continuously improved to increase the margins.

At the moment more than 70 brands are affiliated with Bundleboon. In 2018 Bundleboon strives to sell the 1,000th box and a turnover of € 156K is achieved. Bundleboon has a reorder rate of 9% within 3 months. The CAC is € 28 and a turnover of € 150 is achieved on one box. In 2019 Bundleboon wants to expand to Scandinavia and the algorithm must be responsible for at least 60% of the clothing selection in a box. Bundleboon has already raised more than € 80,000 and two investors are on board for the current funding round.

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Delivery ecosystem based
on high-tech equipment



6-18% of the total traffic is local delivery services that provide 21% of the CO2 emissions. This will only increase in the coming years as a result of rising e-commerce. Airlift offers a total delivery ecosystem with droids, autonomous ground robots, smart hubs and micro consolidation centers with a sustainable and effective approach. Airlift aims to reduce the cost of last-mile delivery by 50% and to increase customer satisfaction drastically by improving the customer experience.

At the moment Airlift is busy closing intensive partnerships with e-commerce companies, logistics parties and smart city developers. LOIs are running with the Amsterdam startup Gibbon and smart city developer MDD from Qatar. Furthermore the international team of airlift is looking for € 800,000 to expand expertise within the team and further develop the technology.

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presentation tool



When giving presentations, things can go wrong: missing cables or TV screens and no working WiFi or connection. Crowdbeamer makes it possible to ‘beam’ all digital content anywhere and on any personal device via a hardware device. The Crowdbeamer works on a plug & play basis and can easily be connected. The public can connect via the free app to the WiFi network of the crowdbeamer. The audience gets a real-time presentation on their personal device and can personalize it by adding notes.

Crowdbeamer has an international patent on the presentation tool and has 9 active international distributors. Crowdbeamer has demonstrated its potential and won several awards: the AV awards, Best of Show Award on the Government and Tech & Learning section. In 2018 a total of 145 units will be sold with a corresponding turnover of € 221K.

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