Responsible and delicious
seaweed products



The production and consumption of meat entails major negative consequences; production generates high CO2 emissions and (over) consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Olijck develops and produces tasty, healthy and affordable seaweed products, such as pastas and burgers. Olijck’s products result in a major reduction in water use, CO2 emissions and land use. By working together with certified production partners, they can easily scale up and always maintain a high quality. Olijck products are HACCP and BRC certified. At the moment the total sales of the products are worth € 335,000 and the Olijck products are available in> 250 stores and> 25 wholesalers. Olijck now has more than 100,000 seaweed fans and Olijck products will soon be available in even more stores.

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Franchise partner for
luxury brand boutiques



In China, second and third class cities have little or no access to luxury brand boutiques. Despite the needs of consumers, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to open a brand boutique in China. MN Fashion (founded in NL) offers high-quality starters an opportunity to open an MN brand boutique with a relatively small investment in the second and third rank cities of China. MN Fashion also offers business advice in the various phases of the company.

MN Fashion offers a complete free-of-charge franchise model, with a low wholesale price. As a result, MN Fashion offers the lowest price. The registered MN fashion brand can be used free of charge. Through the efficient stock system, products can easily be exchanged horizontally and vertically between boutiques to reduce the risk of over-stocking. This year 10 MN boutiques were opened in China and MN fashion achieved a turnover of more than € 1.5 million. An online webshop will be launched in the Netherlands.

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