Make social change
visible with MAEX



A transition is taking place in society, more and more innovative companies want to contribute to the impact economy. MAEX is a platform that makes this social change visible. The platform offers insight into initiatives and social enterprises. Every initiative or company has its own profile, where they can make visible what they are doing, what value they deliver for their target group, who makes it possible for them to deliver that value, etc.

MAEX also facilitates transactions between initiatives and funds, voluntary organizations, companies, governments and knowledge institutions in a broad sense. For example, money can be donated through MAEX, people can be linked to initiatives, a company can invest in an initiative via the “” MAEX impulse “”, socially responsible procurement can be made and social return can be used. MAEX focuses on municipalities and regions, but companies can also join, which can be placed on the platform by means of a SaaS fee.MAEX has already joined several large municipalities.

These are currently Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Zoetermeer and the province of Zeeland. In the meantime there are> 1,500 initiatives on MAEX, > 500 products have been purchased and the donations have yielded > € 250,000. With this great traction, a turnover of € 595,000 was achieved in 2018.

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Payment solution for events
based on block chain technology



There are still major problems in the current event industry; ticket fraud, long queues at checkouts and the organization often incur high marketing costs versus low conversion. EventX offers a solution for payment, ticketing and access control at events and conferences, based on block chain technology.Visitors have an app and bracelet with NFC chip for access control and payments. They can manage their wallet in the app. With the global event currency, the same EventX tokens can be used for all connected events. The organization can monitor the event in real time via an app. Marketing can be adjusted and dynamic pricing applied on the basis of this data.

The strong team of EventX wants to use a Growth Hacking strategy to increase their downloads considerably. EventX will not only focus on events and congresses, but also on ski areas, amusement parks, retail, transport, healthcare, etc. With a target market of $ 300 billion, EventX intends to achieve revenue of 1.2 million in 2019. EventX is currently ready for the first live demo. EventX proves its potential among other things. With winning the Capco Startup Pitch contest (London) and has been selected to participate in the Google Spark Program. In addition, the selection for the GSP has given EventX $ 20,000 to spend on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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