Talent provider for advanced mobile technical expertise



The App Academy has already trained 150+ developers and has carried out various major projects before such as; Tikkie (ABN AMRO), NS, Philips and IBM. This has already passed the 1Million revenue limit and it is time for their next step: Devforce! DevForce is a Talent Provider that provides highly trained mobile development talent to help innovative organizations with their digital transformation. DevForce builds on the knowledge, expertise and curricula of The App Academy and therefore fits perfectly with any digital transformation and growth strategy.

DevForce offers a total package: recruitment based on experience, competencies and human DNA, intensive 2-month coding bootcamp training, placement of a developer with a customer and hiring of a developer. The App Academy has already achieved good traction. Various companies have collaborated through coding boot camps, matching or onboarding between developers and employers. This is promising for DevForce. From 2019 onwards, the people behind The App Academy will launch talent provider: DevForce. The App Academy transforms into a corporate academy as part of DevForce.

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Worldwide platform
for expert reviews



Media companies are unable to capitalize their expert reviews. This while consumers often let their buying decision be guided by expert reviews from quality media when it comes to literature, culture but also FMCG. The problem is that these reviews are not easy to collect. Catch-up is a worldwide innovative platform with aggregated expert reviews of leading media for products such as books, films, theater, music, etc. Catch-Up provides an overview of reviewed products and a link to the original online review / media page. Media permission is not required for this!

Catch-up also provides product meta data, ratings and the option of buying, sharing and placing on a wish list. Catch-up is the first mover in this area and opens the global market for expert reviews. It also has an enormously scalable business model, both technically and commercially. Thanks to the ingenious working method, they can scale up worldwide with a small team. The Catch-Up go2market has a CAC of € 0.35. Catch-up makes it easier for users to find and purchase relevant products, so that media achieve higher sales and retention.

Through an affiliate partnership with Amazon.com, Bol.com and AWIN etc., Catch-up receives an affiliation fee for each product sold. Additional revenue streams will follow later. Catch-up has already sat at the table with international media companies such as; de Persgroep, NRC, El País and TheGuardian. Since they are very enthusiastic, this will certainly be followed up!

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