Real time reports for
the real estate sector




Research shows that 1.1 million people in the Netherlands are not happy in their neighborhood. In addition, each year 15% of the people regretted their move and wished to have more information about their neighborhood. The unique tool of makes it easier for users to make decisions when buying a new house based on relevant facts and circumstances without too much effort. collects and analyzes all information you want to know about the neighborhood, such as demographic data, economic data, insurance data and market data. Based on the generated data, creates a validated and user-friendly report within 10 minutes that gives the home buyer a good insight on all information required to make a well-informed decision.

At the moment sells with a one-time fee to B2C customers who want to buy / sell a house. is busy developing a subscription model for B2B / B2B2C customers such as real estate corporations. The same database can be used for both markets. Since launch at the end of September, they have already sold 49 reports to B2C, connected 2 major B2B customers and a CTR of 1.5%. Interested in this scalable and fast-growing proposition? Click here for pitchdeck



Innovative upcycling




A large part of the business community is changing their business to a circular model. This is no surprise, since consumers nowadays expect that their favorite brands do business in an environmentally friendly manner. Deko Eko is an innovative upcycling platform that connects upcycling designers with companies by using smart matching. The platform of Deko Eko matches the best designers from all over the world with world leading companies to create valuable consumer products from waste materials.

Deko Eko has been active on the Polish market for five years and has already connected 17 world-leading customers such as H & M, L’oréal, Mcdonald’s and IKEA. Meanwhile, there are already 250 designers from all over the world connected and already 3.000 products created from recycled material. A Polish investment company is on board as a co-investor for the half investment round. In 2019 Deko wants to expand Eko to Luxembourg, Belgium and to Germany in 2020. Interested in this circular proposition? Click here for pitchdeck.